The elaboration pavilion has also 36 tanks for storage and stabilization, of different capacities where the malolactic fermentation takes place and where the first decantings are made. The filtering, clarifying and, final blends of the different varieties for our Finca Antigua Crianza and Finca Antigua Resrva takes place in the classifying pavilion.

Wine making

The work in the field, the vineyard plotting and the growing of varietals in specific terroirs are specific conditions of all the work at the winery. The elaboration of the varietal wines is made separately. For this reason the vinification pavilion has 40 self-emptying stainless steel tanks that are totally automatic and each have a capacity of 50.000 kgs of grapes.

Finca Antigua also works with several investigation and development projects with micro elaborations in tanks of 200 liters; this is to follow and analyze the different results with experimental varieties and different coupages.

The ageing in barrel pavilion has a capacity of 4,500 barrels of French and American Oak, which we renew constantly and which are stacked with the innovative system called “Bee´s Nest”.

Finca Antigua, the winery, surrounds to the water reservoir, which is enough for the needs of water and irrigation. The humidity in the ageing area is a key factor, for it is responsible of a longer of shorter evaporation of the wine in the barrels, being that it is necessary to have a degree of humidity around 75/80%.

The slope that holds the watering dam covered of calcareous stone from the estate itself, acts as natural reservoir, giving us the ideal relative humidity levels that we complete with a refrigeration system that keeps the temperature stable, between 14 and 17 degrees throughout the year.