The water reservoir determined the location of the winery and the shape of a contemporary and efficient building, witness of the coexistence in harmony between nature, vineyard and architecture. The elaboration pavilion, which makes the most of the soil topography, with designs at different heights to treat the grape by gravity in all processes, was conceived as a big “laboratory” where neatness takes one’s breath away.

The winery

Familia Martínez Bujanda didn´t made it easy for the LKS Estudio architects group, who designed Finca Antigua. All proposals and execution plans were conditioned by the need of not disturbing the soil, its natural pH, the orography, its composition, the necessity of a harvest and elaboration by gravity (energetic efficiency), the constant temperature control; the half-light, the silence and quietness for the wine’s ageing, and, as a general rule, the full integration of the final result in the wonderful natural surroundings.

Finca Antigua is today a magnificent example of adaptation to countryside. It is a winery absolutely functional and respectful to the environment.

The winery is totally consistent with the style of Finca Antigua wines, a perfect example of avant-garde architecture, efficient. In the inside we find the last technological innovations, but always respecting the handmade care in the wine’s production.

Steel, stone from the estate and cement are the material used to design a spectacular building formed by three big boxes.

The extraordinary extension comprehends 421 hectares of vineyards in a surrounding of another 600 hectares of Mediterranean shrub land, with holm and kermes oaks, with plants such as rosemary and thyme and a varied fauna, from eyed-lizards and dormice to wild boars, rabbits, hares or partridges.