Los Hinojosos is included in the Route of Quixote and it is not rejected; the idea that it was precisely “the place in La Mancha” whose name Cervantes didn´t care to remember.

The windmills and the working fields are the region´s landscape, one step away from El Toboso and other towns as Belmonte, Mota, Villamayor de Santiago and Quintanar de la Orden, with  a very typical cuisine such as Gachas Manchegas (typical La Mancha dish based on flour),  Pisto (vegetable stew) , Cocido Manchego (La Mancha stew) , Migas (dish based on bread crums), Charcoaled Lamb, Meat Stew, Sweet Gachas and ring-shaped pastries.


Finca Antigua is located in the municipality of Los Hinojosos, at the southwest edge of Cuenca (97 kms), near the province of Toledo (138 kms to the capital). The same distance also to Madrid (less than 90 minutes), for which is a very accessible destination from the capital of Spain.

Hinojosos history; in 1241, Don Gonzalo, bishop of Cuenca, following King of Castilia Fernando III´s order, fixed the boundary between the counties of Alarcón and Uclés. As the border line went through the town of El Hinojoso, one side went to the county of Alarcón and the other side to the county of Uclés (under the military Order of Santiago).

That decision caused two independent municipalities: El Hinojoso del Marquesado and El Hinojoso de la Orden, separated by a forty-foot street. Now it is only one town, one council, as a result of the union of both towns which were separated fancifully by the feudal lords.