In past years the interest for increased and new ways of wine tourism has grown. Now there is an appetite to search for experiences, knowledge, living the experience from the inside, to know their people and their gastronomy.

Enotourism, also known as Enologic Tourism or Wine Tourism, consists of travelling to a wine area to learn from the inside about the wine world: wineries, vineyards, elaboration, history, etc.

We can say that the Enotourism comes from the perfect combination of four elements: rural tourism, culture, gastronomy and above all, the wine.

At Finca Antigua we value this concept and have developed a series of experiences or visits for all tastes and interests.

Download the pdf with the different ways to live and experience the best of Enotourism at Finca Antigua.

The visits timetables are from Monday to Saturday.  For Sundays, please consult on:  +34-969 129 700 or +34- 608 583 776.